”What I have learned after reading this book is that I should be positive and confident about myself. I will try my best to do my works and do not be afraid to explore new things in life.”



Hello Ms. Varner,

Thank you so much for taking the time to pen down the most beautiful note on your first book, for my daughter. This has become the most precious book in our library. We had the pleasure of reading your debut book and it truly is enchanting. What struck me most was your ability to convey the profound truth and the lessons of life. It’s motivational, inspiring, assuring and captivating. Your book has found a special place on our bookshelf. This work of yours is for all ages. Wishing you continued success on your writing journey! We are thankful for you!

Warm regards


Ms. Varner,
Thank you so much for the wonderful book and message to Sammy. It is one of the most intriguing, thought-provoking, heartfelt, and touching book I have ever read. I will surely be sharing about this book with my friends.


In the children’s section of a well-known local bookstore, I purchased The Wise Old Tree by Kathryn Varner. The story really touches an aspect of everyone. I believe it opens up a whole world for conversation with children. The book is beautifully written as it brings out, love, compassion, and so much inner thought. There will be many questions asked, and answered by you to the children you are reading and there will be many questions you have for them. It starts an open ended conversation. I thoroughly enjoyed it so much that I read it over video to my grandchild’s class across the country.The teacher was asked many questions afterwards, so I mailed the book. I just know she is rereading it to them and probably to the whole school, the wisdom shared is so useful.

Debbie Roth


My son, Lucas brought your book to school as a show and tell item. He really enjoyed the illustrations and certain pages really spoke to him. The teacher was intrigued and ordered one off your website for her classroom library. Thank you for inscribing it! Solana Vista greatly appreciated your donation to their school library too, now their whole school can enjoy the wisdom.


Araya M. (3rd grader)

Wow! The Wise Old Tree Wow!!
While reading this book, I felt that I was meditating. This book talks about this beautiful energy that is within all of us. This energy is joy, attention, and truth, and this is our true self. This book also talks about that we all are connected to mother nature, animals, and everything around us. I just felt very blissful while reading this book. I love the illustrations too.

Araiya M

I bought a copy of this book yesterday and had the pleasure of meeting the author at the San Francisco Crystal Fair. I absolutely love it! The message and illustrations truly resonated with me. I believe every school should have a copy. This book is now a treasured reminder for me to stay positive and practice gratitude every day.

Chu T

Magnificent is all I can say about this enchanted, children’s book. Kathryn Varner did a magical job in making a beautifully written book about a boy who goes into a deep meditation in discovering his life path where he attains sacred wisdom from mother Gaia, spirit animals, ancestors, and angelic beings in all understanding the physical reality of life. The gorgeous illustrations create an alluring vision for the reader. The positive affirmations make this a must read for children who need to hear positive messages about life and how anything is possible.

Maria G

Love this beautifully illustrated book each page with profound insights about the meaning of life all told from a child’s innocent lens.
To ally recommend for an adult to read first and then give to their young ones.

Tera En

This book is a family tool! The words on each page can spark powerful life conversations between adult and Child. This book wi plant seeds, for menta y healthy thoughts, in times when healthy thoughts don’t come easy to the individual. I always walk away with a sense of ease when reading The Wise Old Tree. This book transcends being just for children. I read it to my Dad who is suffering from dementia/alzheimer’s to get through menta y tough days.

Jessica Dunger